As I do this review, it is Friday evening, and I am listening to T.G.I.F, not Thank God It's Friday, but "Thank God I'm Forgiven." This and  13 other songs on the Mercy Road CD show how prolific Buddy is as a songwriter.
"When you're hurting, one thing's certain [you can] take your burden to the Lord... One thing that He's let me know, I gain so much when I let go, the load is light, when your heart is right." -From the first song on the album, "Take Your Burden."
In "Thank You For The Blood," he experiments successfully with a rhythmic ditty. It stays with you. The suave "Hands On God" is both reassuring and heart warming. Listen carefully to the lyrics. So meaningful.
The Latin tinged "The Stone" serenades Mary Magdalene and tells her story in dramatic and passionate fashion. This song is tailor made for  a female voice with the trademark Latino inflection. A refreshing project is this album.
The last item "Mary Had A Little Lamb" has a powerful message. Get beyond the Xmas feeling into the deeper meaning. Great job, Buddy. Take this link to his website.
Buddy Houghtaling