Forgiven is one of California's fast rising contemporary Christian acts. And it's not just a marketing issue. This group is about sheer talent. Their three albums include Forgiven and Alabanza y Adoracion (Praise and Worship). It was not coincidental that they conducted the Praise and Worship feature at the Hispanic Convention in Los Angeles, July 2002.

Forgiven is an English CD , with lyrical work mainly done by the multi-talented Mike Rosario and group member Donald Singh. "Breakaway" is upbeat, as are most of the tracks, well-written and executed. "Jesus loves" and "Lead me" are R&B flavored. The latter is both caressing and absorbing, a happy convergence of message, voice and music. Laura Rosario shares with Donald in lyrical credits for this song. "Change Your World," written by Donald and Norelly, demands encore listening. Huge track.

The Alabanza y Adoracion release reveals the commendable interpretation, adaptation and translation abilities of Mike and Laura, husband and wife. "Alza Tu Voz" (Shout to The Lord) and "Esplendor Por Ceniza" (Beauty for Ashes) are included in this production. Excellent vocal work by Forgiven. Laura's solo album Dime Como Amar (Show me how to Love), with the title track and popular hits as "Orare a Ti" (On My Knees), is a great vocal and musical production. Again, interpretation and translation are expertly done by Mike and Laura. Visit Forgiven.