Neville's gospel recording project, "Messages from the Throne of Grace" is a marriage of resolve, reflection and triumph. In "Personal," he sings "... church always seemed too long, They always sang the same old song...But this time it's personal...I used to be blind but now I see..." What a message! The song ministers.
In "The Ten Virgins" he depicts the sobering end of the foolish five. If in this song you sometimes hear Ray Charles' mournful ring, it is indication of Neville's sheer versatility.
"Just like an Angel" is a depiction of the angels flying in mid heaven with the everlasting gospel. Accompanied by his folk guitar, he sings "Just like an Angel, I want to spread your love, like one of your Messengers sent from above." This is the kind of song it takes an Adventist perspective to write. Somebody's got to hear this soulful refrain. It holds a passion that is both infectious and motivating.

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Neville Peter