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In classifying the different styles, presentations and/or genres of music videos  on this site, we are trying to assist visitors in accessing their musical preference. Inspirational refers, not to a particular genre of music, but  to a musical presentation that is generally accepted by both younger and older Christian generations alike. It is not expected to upset the listener or challenged your taste. Hopefully, it inspires more than upsets.

Light Contemporary may involve an R&B flavor, more "soulful", sometimes a little more upbeat, but hopefully not enough to get the traditional taste roiled up.
Contemporary may partly involve the pronounced use of percussion, some youthful energy and movement, etc.

The A capella section is mainly a capella (except for some presentations where a traditionally vocals-only group uses background tracks). Gospel would include both the Southern and Black elements of that genre.

There are also Instrumental entries and Praise & Worship. This is another hot potato in Adventism, and we look forward to receiving videos of original works that most of our churches could find  moderation-friendly. We sincerely hope that all of us are not simply rehashing and copy-catting. There must be somebody out there with a new Praise and Worship song that God gave to the world through you.

We have designated an Ethnic section, to capture music videos that are rendered in folk dialect, ranging from Jamaican patois to African tribal expressions. There is also an Eclectic corner, with artists who sing a wide range of genres and therefore can hardly be labeled. We are seeking more submissions for Country music and Sabbath Songs, especially original compositions.