Jamaican born Warren Brady, musician/songwriter/singer, holds a diploma in Music Composition, Arrangement, and Performance. Warren has done a number of musical recordings, including the inspirational album Thank you Jesus, Are you Ready, Sweet Deliverance, and Man to Man. Are You Ready is an eclectic album, with a foray into multiple genres. The title track is a slow contemplative original Christian inspirational, followed by the calypso flavored "Diplomatic Relations," of similar genre to "Leave Me Alone." "Crying in the Chapel,"  is in the Doo Wap tradition, while the last song "I Can Depend on You" is Southern Gospel.
The Man to Man CD is reggae soaked, and more importantly, message driven. The bold, daring lyrics should capture the attention. Marketing was obviously not the first impulse here.  "Don't Let Them Fool You" sets the record straight on the condition of the dead. "The dead know nothing...[if you see the dead walking] "it's the devil playing tricks, trying to fool you."  In "Choose Life," he tackles the beast power. "They say they have power to change laws, Say they change the Sabbath to Sunday, Don't believe, Check your library, Read your history and see..." "Come Holy Spirit" is both catchy and profound, as is the socio-religious commentary  and title track, "Man to Man." Brady is a man on fire in this album.
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Warren Brady