Adventist Music Gateway is  a trans-continental database  of quality Adventist recording artists and music ministries. The ministries we highlight here are, to the best of our knowledge, Seventh-Day Adventists in good standing. 
Please note that the most significant structural update to this site is that we no longer showcase audio clips.

In Music Ministries, we have sought to categorize singers and musicians according to the genre of the music video showcased, or what the artist is generally known to deliver. The reason for this new structure is to facilitate site visitors who may be searching for a particular style of music. 

Many Adventists complain that we are not creating enough of our own music, but are great at rehashing what others have created. 
The Original Compositions menu will give you a list of Seventh-day Adventist composers, singers and musicians (of religious music), who have been doing really good work, and who deserve to be (at least) mentioned. In this section, we can only make mention of those whose compositions we think are on an indisputably professional level.

Voice of Prophecy Reunion
We anticipate intense opinions and viewpoints, for that is the nature of music. We all feel strongly about music. Most of us come to the table with passion and conviction on what constitutes Adventist Music. Dialogue, pause, discretion, and prayer, are critical essentials. Some will of course suggest that we add knowledge and awareness to the list. And they are right. Let us share our concerns, feelings, convictions, and even disappointments, but above all, let us be cautious about dictating to God what He must accept. Whatever we are burdened to express, may love and humility set the tone. Happy browsing!